Burger King’s ghost pepper whopper with a ‘Halloween’ bun has everyone snapping an item of their taste

Burger King’s new Halloween Whopper has fans slamming an item of its taste.

Burger King’s new Halloween Spicy Ghost Pepper Whopper is available through the fast food chain’s app until Halloween.


Fans slammed Burger King’s new Whopper over an element of its tasteCredit: TIKTOK/shawnthefoodsheep
Many have tried Burger King's new Halloween Whopper


Many have tried Burger King’s new Halloween WhopperCredit: TIKTOK/spicegoddess_
Leah, another TikToker, also slammed the spicy


Leah, another TikToker, also slammed the spicyCredit: TIKTOK/foodwanderer

It features a beef patty, ghost pepper cheese, bacon, crispy jalapenos, queso, and a black and orange bun.

Many have taken to TikTok to review the limited-time menu item – but there’s a common theme among their thoughts.

“It’s not spicy,” said reviewer Mariah.

She shared in her TikTok video that a Burger King employee told her the cheese was what made the burger spicy.

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“The flavor is good,” said Mariah, known as @spicegoddess_ on TikTok.

“If you like things spicy, it’s totally doable. It’s nothing crazy.”

Another reviewer, Shawn, agreed with Mariah on the spiciness.

“The orange bun really looks like Halloween,” said Shawn, who uses the @shawnthefoodsheep handle.

“In terms of spice level, it’s a 4.5 out of 10,” Shawn said.

“It got a little spicy, but I eat spice all the time,” he added.

“I think if someone doesn’t eat that much spice, it will be relatively spicy.”

Overall, he gave the special burger a rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Leah, who goes by @foodwanderer on TikTok, also tried the burger.

“Very corny, and it has a kick,” she said.

“It seems to be one of those that gets spicier the more you eat it.

“But ghost peppers are never as hot as I think they should be.”

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In the comments, she added, “Decided I don’t like cheese sauce. It’s like velveeta.”

The burger is available until Halloween.

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