Centraide du Grand Topeka profits from the search for unclaimed property

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – There are millions of unclaimed dollars in Kansas. When the head of the United Way of Greater Topeka searched online if the organization had any, she was happy to find a gift of $ 1,096 from an out-of-state group.

“It’s fast, it’s easy, and yes, it can be a nice little surprise,” said Jessica Lehnherr, CEO of the organization.

You can check if you have any unclaimed goods here.

Lehnherr said the money found will go a long way to helping local charities.

“It keeps us going, it helps us help our community more by providing more support and more services in all of the many areas that we support, so yes we, 100%, need these donations, and that now is a really important moment ”. she said.

The state treasurer’s office is tasked with securing $ 400 million in unclaimed property from the Kansans.

Money can come from places like bank accounts, stocks, refunds, and paychecks. This could be because people have changed their address, or some other reason an organization cannot contact the rightful owner.

“They’re turned over to the state, so it’s our job to get them back to the Kansans as quickly as possible, and as often and as often as possible,” said State Treasurer Lynn Rogers. “In most cases, for small transactions, it can only be sent in a few days.”

Over the past few years, the office has worked to make more people aware of unclaimed money. Some may worry that the process will take a long time or that verifying the money may end up costing them dearly, but Rogers says it isn’t.

“We are checking to see if there is money owed to these people, if so, which is being used to pay this debt, but that is all, but we will partner with the Ministry of Revenue, but if it is ‘is their money, we want to send them back, ”Rogers said.

Since January 4, the average amount of requests has been close to $ 200.

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