Cleaning Tip: How to Vacuum Your Car and Sliding Doors with a Bundle of Straws

A Melbourne mom shared a new vacuum cleaner hack, and it just might change the way you clean forever.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, mom Loretta revealed how she uses a bundle of straws to help vacuum up tough spots.

the cleaning enthusiast says she simply places a rubber band around a thick bundle of plastic straws, about the same size as her suction nozzle.

She then wedges it in the end of her vacuum hose and uses it to suck up dust and dirt in tight spaces such as cars, sliding door tracks and windows.

“I had to share this hack!” Loretta wrote on the Moms who clean page.

“Straws! Great to put at the end of a vacuum nozzle. Ideal for delicate areas. Also great for cars in tight spaces and will not pick up parts etc.

The smart idea means you can vacuum tight spaces easily. Credit: Moms who clean / Facebook

While some in the group worried that the vacuum would “suck up” the bundle of straws, Loretta explained her technique.

“Take a bunch [of straws] and make sure they fit firmly into the pipe, ”Loretta added.

“Then put a rubber band around them.”

The simple hack received a big thank you from other cleanup fans.

“What an amazing idea, now I can do my Windows tracks. Dyson should bring out something like that, ”one wrote.

Mom's shiny thing has gone viral.
Mom’s shiny thing has gone viral. Credit: Moms who clean / Facebook

Adding another: “OK, this is really the next level.”

A third said: “I’ve seen attachments you can buy to do this but never thought about using straws. Genius! “

The simple trick has been described as a
The simple trick has been described as a “game changer”. Credit: Moms who clean / Facebook

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