Coupon apps barely change position

Sometimes change is good. Other times it’s bad. Sometimes there is no change.

Appearances and assumptions to the contrary, we do not control who goes up and down in these rankings. This awesome power belongs to consumers who download and use the apps we categorize according to their own whims, wants, needs and necessities. Consumers decide here.

So when nothing changes, blame the consumers. Unless they hear you. In this case, do not.

Seriously, though, this ranking of coupon app providers pushes the savings almost too far (if that’s even possible), in aspects of physics like the First Law of Thermodynamics. What we mean is that it saves energy by barely moving. Clausius and Kelvin would approve.

Come to think of it, these indifferent app providers are also undoubtedly happy to keep their hard-earned real estate. So we take it all back. Here is the absence of change.

The first five

We have Groupon at # 1, with its recent focus on local offerings, such as its pact with beauty and wellness dating app Booksy to streamline the process of finding and booking appointments with salons. , spas, etc. Makes a world of meaning.

Paypal’s Honey Smart shopping assistant remained in number two, as its functionality became available in the Safari browser this month. But is there a coupon?

The Ibotta app is A-OK at # 3 for another month, following the big announcement in June that Walmart and Ibotta have reached a deal to develop new digital offerings for Walmart’s site and app.

At # 4, it’s the Flipp app with weekly deals, seemingly entrenched in the top five.

Finally, at # 5, it’s the good folks at GoodRX, who reported a sharp surge in subscribers in August on a wave of other good news the drug discount has been surfing all year.

The Top 10

Moving on, all drivers are aware that gas prices have gone crazy. This helps explain the ever-present GasBuddy app – still at # 6 in our rankings – which topped one million users this year.

Rakuten Rewards is in seventh place again, proving that people love rewards.

We know that, of course, but seeing the Rakuten of the world is a useful reminder.

At # 8, it’s still the Shopkick app, which hit the top 10 a few months ago and has stayed there.

Those who appreciate our efforts with the ranking of coupon app providers will recall that in the last round there was a fairly rare three-way tie for ninth place. It has since evaporated.

The popular Receipt Hog app now takes # 9 for itself. Notice we didn’t say “monopolize”.

Here at the very end we are faced with the only app that actually changes the positions of the chart since the last cycle. Leaving room for the aforementioned three-way tie, we have the RetailMeNot app at # 10, bundling coupon deals on all kinds of products.

Hope you get what you pay for. See you here next month.



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