Do the right thing with the Standard Bank business credit card

A vital facet of growing your business is having access to capital at all times. A credit card is a valuable and effective tool that helps you manage your finances and access financing when you need it.

As a business owner you want a credit card that gives you control over your purchasing power when the opportunity or need arises, which is why Standard Bank has launched its new Visa Business Credit Card.

Our business credit card not only gives business owners the license to make the right choices, but also gives them access to cash to grow their business and manage their expenses in real time. With sophisticated activity reports, you’ll be able to track and monitor expenses and operating costs, allowing you to make informed decisions about running your business.

“The Visa Business credit card enables our customers to run and manage healthy businesses. It offers a convenient way to optimize your cash flow, manage your reimbursements and monthly fees, and manage expenses and card custodians through real-time information, ”says Ethel Nyembe, Payments and Cards Manager. group at Standard Bank.

The Visa Business Standard Bank credit card also gives you cash flow and cash at your fingertips while being interest-free for 55 days, and with a minimum 5% refund and low monthly fee, it offers credit. more affordable.

“Liquidity is essential for business growth and for managing business costs. You don’t want your business to be derailed by large purchasing items, ad hoc office expenses, or unforeseen extras. At the same time, you don’t want to run out of opportunities to grow your business due to lack of funding. “

Business Credit Card customers can download and use Standard Bank’s mobile banking app or online banking platform to manage their account, view balances and their latest transactions.

Standard Bank has also ensured that customers who use the Visa Business credit card for qualifying purchases get additional benefits by associating it with the UCount Rewards program. With UCount Rewards for Business, customers earn up to 1.25% on card purchases, up to R5 per liter of fuel at Caltex and up to 5% at our rewards retailers.

“If you’re looking to grow your business by accessing additional funds, the Visa Business credit card is one way that will help you get things done again. Standard Bank is committed to partnering with businesses to provide solutions that will facilitate their recovery and that of the South African economy, ”says Nyembe.

The Visa Business Standard Bank credit card is accepted worldwide.

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