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We all have those days when we need to grab something to eat and the easiest option is to drop by the local burger joint or another quick service restaurant. Sure, it’s not the healthiest option but, in a pinch, these restaurants are a convenient and sometimes unavoidable option when you’re on the go.

If you’re dining out, you’re also thinking about saving money while you’re there, so be sure to use these helpful money-saving tips the next time you visit one of the restaurants in fast food below.


By far one of the best ways to save money at Chipotle is with this special 2-for-one burrito. Just order a burrito bowl and ask for extra rice. This is free and at no additional cost. On top of that, ask for an extra tortilla. It also does not cost any additional fees. Once you get your meal, just spoon some of that extra rice and topping from your burrito bowl into the extra tortilla you requested. A proven way to score two meals at Chipotle for the price of one.


There are a plethora of ways to save when ordering from Starbucks. One of the best and most proven ways is to download their app. You get points every time you make a purchase, and the company has been known to sometimes double the points you earn, making it easier to get free food and drink. Another huge hack is that the app lets you free refills of hot drinks, cold brews, and tea.

Starbucks Iced TeaNix/Unsplash Company

Another known cost-saving trick is to order your drink with “less ice.” This allows you to enjoy your actual drink more.


Another fast food giant with An application which gives you access to tons of savings, our favorite way to save money at McDonald’s is to use the 0.99 cent iced coffee offer available every day. Yes, that means paying just $1 for a coffee of any size. The app also lets you collect points every time you scan it during your checkout. Points can then be redeemed for free food.

Big MacBrett Jordan/Unsplash

You can also try this command To hack the next time you want a Big Mac. Instead, order a McDouble with Big Mac sauce. Ask for it without the ketchup and mustard and opt for the lettuce instead. Now you have a Big Mac for just $1.69 instead of $3.99.


Save big at Panera on Tuesdays. This little known To hack will save you $4. Panera has dubbed Tuesday “bagel day” in its stores. They reward customers who order a baker’s dozen bagels (13 bagels) by charging only $6.99 instead of $10.99 on other days of the week.

Burger King

There are tons of ways to save money at Burger King. Like McDonald’s, Burger King offers its customers big savings by downloading their application. Another easy way to get free food is to complete the surveys shown on their receipts. You will head to their site where you can enter information about your visit. As a reward, they will offer you a free Whopper, Original Chicken Sandwich or Croissant’wich with the purchase of fries and a drink.

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