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Go get a lot of Kratos money.

The currency of God of War Ragnarok is hacksilver — and you’ll always need more. By the end of the story, you will quickly run out of hacksilver while upgrading your gear to the max level. You need hacksilver to do everything at the blacksmith – including buying incredibly valuable resurrection stones that keep Kratos alive after he dies once in battle. The costs keep piling up, and if you’re low on hacksilver, there are ways to earn more. Even very early in the game. Ways you might not even realize.

Below we have listed three methods to earn extra hacksilver. The most basic method of earning hacksilver is by opening chests, exploring areas, and defeating enemies. You will get hacksilver from all of these activities. When that’s not enough, here are some additional methods you can use. And don’t forget to check your favors, Works and other related activities. They will all earn you more hacksilver.

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How To Earn More Hacksilver | Big Cash Reward Methods

Hacksilver is the base currency of God of War Ragnarok. You’ll earn it by doing pretty much everything – killing monsters, opening treasure chests, and completing favors. All of these methods are great, but they aren’t enough to give you more when you run out of resources later in the story. If you need money fast, here are three methods we’ve used to get extremely rich.

  • Increase LUCK
  • Increase your LCK stat has an awesome effect on hacksilver drops. You will find more resources and more hacksilver. If you need money, try to equip gear that increases your LCK before entering the open world.

LCK is a surprisingly powerful stat when it comes to making money. Not only will you get more hacksilver from drops, you will get more drops in general, which brings us to our next point.

  • Sell ​​artifacts
  • You can sell almost anything you collect at Black-smith – and you might not even know it. You can sell weapon attachments, armor sets, and resources. You can also sell Artifacts.

Artifacts are collectibles used only for sale — they have no other purpose. You can safely sell any artifacts in your inventory without repercussions. Some boons will even reward you with powerful artifacts that you can sell for large sums. In addition to artifacts, consider selling Resources you no longer need.

At high level, you may no longer need those low level upgrade resources. You might be sitting on stacks of Wrought Iron x50+, Rawhide, and Dwarven Steel. They sell for big premiums. And there is a way to earn much more hacksilver and resources.

Completing challenges in Muspelheim gives you a massive bounty of hacksilver. You can earn as much hacksilver by completing challenges as you naturally will in the rest of the combined game – and you can make it a whole lot easier. Lower the difficulty to ease these challenges. They’ll still be challenging but won’t tax your skill (or patience) as much. By completing the challenges in Muspelheim, I was able to earn more than enough hacksilver to buy the latest upgrades for my favorite armor sets.

For even more hacksilver, be sure to explore all optional regions. Areas like the Barrens/Forgotten Sands in Alfheim, the River Delta in Vanaheim, the Lake of Nine, and the Crater are all bountiful locations that will reward you with tons of resources, hacksilver, and gear.

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