It’s the most effervescent Black Friday, with many offers of bank loans and installments for purchases in Romania and abroad

Black Friday 2022 is the biggest and most effervescent edition since the concept appeared in Romania, with almost the entire range of products included in the promotion and intensively promoted offers for bank loans and installments for purchases in local stores and abroad, unlike previous years, shows an analysis of White Image, Romania’s largest email marketing company.

According to the company, retailers who launched their Black Friday deals as early as possible saw up to 10 times more orders per day compared to a day without discounts.

“This year, there is greater excitement in the financial field regarding bank loan offers and an increased number of installments, up to 40, for purchases in Romania. At the same time, the possibility of buying in installments anywhere in the world, in physical or online stores abroad, is also being strongly promoted. In fact, in the past 2-3 years, banking institutions have started preparing Black Friday offers, but especially this year, we are seeing intense promotion of their services to help customers pay for desired products in monthly installments, in some cases without interest, a facility increasingly appreciated by Romanian consumers,” says Andrei Georgescu, co-founder of White Image.

At the same time, the growing Black Friday campaigns are also carried out by telecom operators on mobile phone, cable and internet subscriptions, DIY stores on DIY and garden products and cosmetics on the entire product range, but also thermal product suppliers. installations and other heating solutions. Electronics, appliance and fashion stores still have the highest volume of promotional items.

“The number of products in the Black Friday campaign depends on each brand and its sales policy – ​​generally between 25% of stock and the whole range of products, being companies which prefer to gradually include products in the campaign, using them as a pretext for communication and drawing attention to offers. I believe that a wide range of products and financing options that provide the consumer with an exceptional shopping experience during this time will be a major asset for retailers. Thus, consumers will buy as many products as possible, perhaps even those that they cannot afford during the year, and will not go to the competition, remaining loyal to the store,” says Grațiela Lupu, managing partner of White Image.

According to analysis by the email marketing company, retailers who launched their Black Friday campaign before November 11 saw up to 10 times more online orders per day compared to a normal day. Thus, companies have between 30% and 200% increase in transaction volume.

Expecting up to 200% more sales, companies invest an average of between 3,000 and 15,000 euros in preparing campaigns and promoting products or services via email and SMS during Black Friday, according to White Picture. In order to maximize sales, part of the investment is concentrated in the technology of creating the profile of the target audience, which involves two effective tactics: directly – by obtaining answers via various questionnaires on the preferred products and indirectly – by monitoring user behavior. in the online environment regarding products previously viewed or ordered on a website.

“With the help of this information, more engaging messages can be created. For example, if we know that a person is interested in sportswear and that product category is included in Black Friday, we recommend that sportswear be displayed on the first lines of the email with the offers sent to this person. Also, it would be even better if the subject of the email also referred to the sporting goods category. These tactics increase the likelihood of reaction, either by going to the website or by placing the order by more than 50%, because the potential customer receives an advertisement for the products they need”, concludes Andrei Georgescu, co-founder of White Image, on how Black Friday sales can be increased.

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